Securing the online experience.
Vercaraโ€™s massively scaled, global cloud platform and unparalleled human expertise provide layers of protection to ensure successful online interactions.


  • Vercara: Unmatched Security and Performance Solutions
    Vercara stands as a beacon of security online solutions, providing secure, reliable, expansive, and flexible services. Originating as a security division of Neustar, Inc., Vercara has dedicated 25 years to delivering best-in-class cloud security solutions. Their global footprint ensures low latency, consistent protection, and high performance across all locations, making them a best dns provider in the industry.

    Expertise and Legacy
    Vercaraโ€™s legacy is built on unsurpassed knowledge and expertise. They are trusted by their customers for their forward-looking approach, anticipating and preparing for the next attack. Vercaraโ€™s solutions are tailored to meet sophisticated online security needs, making them a leader in financial services cybersecurity and e-commerce cybersecurity services.

    DNS and DDoS Protection
    Vercara excels in dns cyber security, providing authoritative dns server and protective dns service that are essential for robust network defense. For gaming enthusiasts, Vercara offers dns for gaming, ensuring optimal performance and security. Their best dns settings and dns best practices are designed to enhance both security and speed, verified through dns speed test and website performance monitoring.

    Advanced Threat Mitigation
    In the realm of threat mitigation, Vercara offers solutions to how to prevent ddos and how to protect against ddos attacks. Their ddos protector and best ddos protection services are equipped to handle dns reflection attack and other complex threats. Vercaraโ€™s best web application firewall provides an additional layer of defense, crucial for maintaining the integrity of web applications.

    Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions
    Vercaraโ€™s offerings extend beyond DNS and DDoS protection. Their api security vendors and api security company services address the security needs of modern applications. The vpn gateway solutions ensure secure access and data transmission, while global edge security offers comprehensive protection across all endpoints. Vercaraโ€™s sahara global security services are pressure-tested in the most highly regulated, mission-critical, high-traffic verticals.

    Performance and Reliability
    Vercaraโ€™s website performance monitoring tools ensure that online services remain fast and reliable. By leveraging best dns hosting service and best dns public, Vercara guarantees that users experience minimal downtime and optimal speeds. Their dns tunneling solutions protect against covert data exfiltration, enhancing overall security.

    Vigilance Against Sophisticated Attacks
    Understanding what is spear phishing and what does a ddos attack look like is crucial for any security strategy. Vercara provides educational resources and tools to help businesses recognize and respond to these threats. They also offer insights into historical events like the dyn cyber attack, helping clients understand the landscape of modern cyber threats.

    Vercaraโ€™s solutions for DNS, application, and network security services are unmatched in their performance and reliability. With a legacy of excellence and a forward-looking approach, Vercara continues to deliver on increasingly sophisticated online security needs. Whether you require financial services cybersecurity, ddos attack prevention, or the best dns hosting service, Vercaraโ€™s comprehensive and robust solutions are designed to meet and exceed expectations.