Think of Censornet as another member of your team โ€” one thatโ€™s faster, smarter, and safer than humanly possible. Censornetโ€™s autonomous, integrated cloud security gives mid-market organisations the confidence and control of enterprise-grade cyber protection. Processing over a billion threats per day, they secure your entire IT environment, freeing you up to concentrate on the business.


  • Censornet's Autonomous Integrated Cloud Security platform incorporates the latest principles of information security, leveraging strategic machine learning to identify and neutralize threats across various channels. From email to web to cloud, Censornet's cybersecurity solutions provide comprehensive protection against cyber attacks, ensuring the safety and security of your organization's digital assets.

    With a focus on critical security controls, Censornet offers endpoint security solutions that go beyond traditional methods. By employing endpoint detection and response security measures, Censornet safeguards endpoints from advanced threats, mitigating risks and enhancing overall cybersecurity posture.

    To address the evolving landscape of cyber threats, Censornet provides a cyber security risk assessment template, enabling organizations to assess and manage risks effectively. Leveraging network security tools and MSSP security services, Censornet empowers businesses to proactively detect and prevent security breaches.

    Network security is a top priority for organizations, and Censornet offers robust network security solutions tailored to meet the needs of modern networking environments. With advanced security service edge capabilities, Censornet ensures that networks remain secure and resilient against cyber threats.

    Censornet's cybersecurity glossary provides valuable insights into key terms and concepts, helping organizations navigate the complex world of cybersecurity with ease. As a trusted Censornet reseller in the UK, ABSI.UK offers expert guidance and support in implementing Censornet's cutting-edge security solutions.

    In compliance with cyber-attack and business continuity stress testing regulations in the UK, organizations can rely on Censornet's Autonomous Security Platform to provide continuous protection against cyber threats. Whether it's Censornet Cloud Security, Censornet Email Security, or Censornet Web Security, organizations can trust Censornet to deliver integrated cloud security solutions that meet their specific needs.

    Censornet's commitment to data protection is unwavering, with comprehensive data protection solutions designed to safeguard sensitive information and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. As a leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Censornet empowers organizations to securely adopt cloud services while maintaining control over data privacy and security.

    In conclusion, Censornet's Autonomous Integrated Cloud Security platform offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity, combining advanced technologies with expert insights to protect organizations against evolving cyber threats. With Censornet, organizations can embrace the future of cybersecurity with confidence and peace of mind.