Cloud. Mobile. Secured. Layer by Layer.
From the first phishing text to the final data grab,
Lookout stop modern breaches as swiftly as they unfold.
Cloud breaches now happen in minutes, not months. Are you ready?


  • Today's attacks are too quick for legacy methods. Make sure you have intelligent defenses for every part of the modern kill chain.
    Choose Lookout: Your Data's Most Reliable Guardian
    Rather than simply providing access, weโ€™ve crafted a platform that prioritizes your dataโ€™s safety.

    Uncompromised data security
    With in-depth insights and precise controls, youโ€™re able to protect data no matter where itโ€™s located or how itโ€™s accessed.

    Protection for hybrid work
    We enable you to detect and respond to threats as they happen, ensuring data safety without sacrificing user experience

    Streamlined security
    Weโ€™ve consolidated what you need into a single platform, enabling you to focus on refining policies and monitoring incidents

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