The SecurEnvoy Zero Trust Access solution delivers a unique combination of trusted access management and data protection giving you the power to identify, control and protect any user, any data, on any device, wherever the location.


  • SecurEnvoy - Cyber security solutions engineered with zero trust in mind
    SecurEnvoy zero-trust approach maximises the protection and defence of vital business assets, with simple, but effective access solutions for users, devices and data.

    Authenticate users accessing your data from within and outside of the organisation
    Customise user authentication journeys depending on user, device, and business requirements.
    Identify and verify where your data is.

    A true innovator, SecurEnvoy has been at the forefront of secure access management for two decades, with thousands of customers worldwide and a strong team of technical experts providing outstanding innovation and support.

    In 2003, SecurEnvoy brought the first-ever tokenless two-factor authentication product to market and continue to innovate and lead today with their Zero Trust Access solution comprising of advanced authentication and rapid, automated data discovery.

  • SecurEnvoy Access Management (AM)

    The first step in your zero-trust approach to security, SecurEnvoyโ€™s Access Management solution meets the challenge of managing users across a wide range of systems and applications, ensuring that only authorised users have access to the information they need, when they need it.

    โ€ข Central to the SecurEnvoy Access Management solution is a Universal Directory, which stores and manages user identities across the entire infrastructure to provide a single reliable source of truth.
    โ€ข Single Sign On (SSO) provides quick and easy user logon to all applications from anywhere and provides a centralised view to manage conditional access and dynamically onboard new applications (including legacy applications using RADIUS authentication). Users can quickly and easily update their password with Self-service Password Reset, reducing the amount of helpdesk calls.
    โ€ข Conditional access to systems can be created and updated based on a userโ€™s role, security level, the device they are using and application being accessed, along with date, time and location.
    โ€ข A wide range of authentication options are available, including โ€œpasswordlessโ€ authentication and advanced location-based authentication with the ability to create Safe Zones.

  • SecurEnvoy Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    A complete MFA solution, designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing authentication database infrastructure and scale flexibly as your business grows. SecurEnvoy MFA is a powerful tool, providing a wide range of multi-factor authentication options, ranging from phone apps, to biometrics, smart cards, hard tokens and real-time SMS. You can select the best authentication option for your business and users โ€“ enabling them to logon via VPN, remote desktop, web portals, public cloud, private cloud, servers and workstations.
    With SecurEnvoy MFA you have the flexibility to:

    โ€ข Choose from a wide range of MFA authentication solutions, including biometrics, phone apps, smart cards, hard tokens and SMS.
    โ€ข Select the right authentication method for your users โ€“ depending on the type of device and user access required.
    โ€ข Deploy MFA just as your business needs it, with one solution for on premise, private cloud, public cloud or as a fully managed cloud service.

  • SecurPassword SSPR

    SecurEnvoyโ€™s SecurPassword SSPR is a self-service password reset solution that enables users to use personal devices to prove their identity and reset passwords in real-time. With the large number of passwords that users are expected to remember, passwords can be an irritating burden for users and time consuming for IT helpdesk administrators to manage.
    A core feature of SecurEnvoy Multi-Factor Authentication, SecurPassword SSPR provides:

    โ€ข Two-factor authentication to enable users to authenticate strongly
    โ€ข Self-service password reset for users
    โ€ข Windows password resets without the need to involve the helpdesk
    โ€ข Reduced helpdesk calls and costs
    โ€ข Password issues resolved quickly, easily and securely

  • SecurEnvoy Data Discovery

    An easy-to-use tool to deploy and discover confidential and sensitive information automatically, whether data is residing in the cloud or on premise. SecurEnvoy Data Discovery is an essential tool for any organisation, enabling you to quickly understand the data you have, wherever it is located. With complete visibility of data across your entire organisation you can respond rapidly to data compliance requests.
    With SecurEnvoy Data Discovery you can:

    โ€ข Understand and track where your confidential and sensitive data resides across multiple platforms, applications and devices
    โ€ข Quickly assess the risk sensitive data poses
    โ€ข Easily perform data subject access requests to comply with data regulations

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