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KnowBe4 FREE Ransomware Simulator available through ABSI Technology
  • How vulnerable is your network against Ransomware and cryptomining attacks?

    Will your endpoint protection actually block ransomware and cryptomining infections?

    Bad actors are constantly coming out with new versions of ransomware strains to evade detection. Is your endpoint protection software effective in blocking ransomware when employees fall for social engineering attacks?

    KnowBe4โ€™s Ransomware Simulator "RanSim" gives you a quick look at the effectiveness of your existing endpoint protection.ย RanSim will simulate 24 ransomware infection scenarios and 1 cryptomining infection scenario to show you if a workstation is vulnerable.

    Here's how RanSim works:

    • 100% harmless simulation of real ransomware and cryptomining infections
    • Does not use any of your own files
    • Tests 25 types of infection scenarios
    • Just download the installer and run itย 
    • Results in a few minutes!

    This is complimentary and will take you 5 minutes max.ย RanSim may give you some insights about your endpoint security you never expected!

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